Kyrgyz sacred walnut forests
High Mountains and low valleys with beautiful rivers and lakes


Ashlam-foo is a popular dish in Kyrgyzstan
Beshbarmak means 'eaten with hands'


flea markets are a main source of food gathering in Kyrgyzstan
art and military museums are a main attraction

Kyrgyzstan - Just like you like it.

The high mountains and low valleys express the true grace and majesticness about this beautiful country. I would definetly go here because it has the most beautimous scenery and the best golden spa you will ever go to. This would be a great place for a honey moon or a wedding or possibly a birthday party. If you ever wanted to go on vacation to a fairly remote country where your in-laws won't bother you about your job this is the place for you!

this is the kyrgyzstan flag. The
base is scarlet red and in the middle is a butter yellow sun with six "jump
ropes.'' Our country is Kyrgyzstan and the capital is Bishmek. Our motto is
''Kyrgyzstan - just like you like it.
The sacred walnut forests are the
source of Kyrgyzstan's main nut. The forests are home to hundreds of different
speicies and nuts. In the picture is the tallest walnut tree in Kyrgyzstan, and
a man ... hunting walnuts.
The High mountains and placid
blue lakes of Kyrgyzstan are a great and famous tourist attractions. The high
mountains are home to many different animals and trees. Many tourists come to
Kyrgyzstan just to climb these beautiful mountains.
The legendary horses are the
main type of transportation in the rural parts of Kyrgyzstan. The horses run
wild and are domesticated.
Flea markets are one of the fun
and educational attractions in Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz flea markets can be a
great place to find different types of Kyrgyz food.
Military and Art Museums are a
famous attraction. Some have famous artifacts from famous wars before are found
in military museums.
Beshbarmek is one of the national
foods in Kyrgyzstan. It is made with noodles, various meats and veggies.
Ashlam-Foo is a combination of
noodles, beef, potatoes, and cilantro.