Day One
Country Name: Beijing,China
Main Attractions:The Beijing Ancient Observatory And The China National Film Museum
Common Foods:Mongolian Hotpot, Noodles with soybean paste, and Roast Duck
Geography:Beijing has a desert called Gobi.One of the mountains are called Taihang Mountain.The Grand Canal Of China is the man made waterway in the world and earliest.A lake in Beijing is Hai that means sea or lake.The Beijings Wells are on a alluvial plain that wells are a fessible way to extract the ground water and in accient times.The Westeren Hills In Beijing produce bitter water.
What Would Attract People To This Country:They have wonderful cultures, museums, and aslo many art pieces of artworks that line the city and make visitors aware of the patience of people. They have opera in China. The entertainment in Beijing is they have cinema, Music hall,Gym,Golf course, Theatre,Shadow puppet shows, Ski resorts, and also Beijing Water Cube.
yWhy do you want to visit Beijing: It has the Great Wall Of China,Temple,New CCTV Tower,Panda House,Summer Palace,Capital Museum,National Grand Theatre , Those are the best places to visit in Beijing.It is a beautiful place and especially in Downtown.

Slogan~ Beijing, China-Dynamic Solutions For Your Industry .

Day Two


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Day Three:Script Writing
Beijing, China, Is The Place You Wanna Go ! You Have Amazing Adventures To See And Do . You'll Love It ! The Top Ten Attractions & Things to Do in Beijing...Forbidden City, Great Wall Of China, Temple Of Heaven, Summer Palace, Panda House, New CCTV Tower, Capital Museum, Lama Temple, Olympic Sites, 789 Space. But There So Much More To See . I Know You'll Have A Great Time Here, Cause Its Fun And Peaceful . Which Is Good For You, We Need To Relax And Enjoy A Nice Day Sometime Right ? Yeah So Come Over Beijing, China For A Vaction Or Place To Live . Everything Great !
Slogan~ Beijing, China-Dynamic Solutions For Your Industry .

Day Four:Putting It All Together

Day Five:Finishing Touches
1.Slogan~ Beijing, China-Dynamic Solutions For Your Industry .
2.Yess It Makes Sense, Like It Fits And Makes Beijing Sound Like A Good Country And That It Should Be The Capital .
3. Yess, Very ! I Saw Beautiful, Nice, Bigg, Rich Sights That I Would Like To Know / Learn About . And Its Great To Be With Different People / Cultures .