====Country Name:Turkey
====Main Attractions:The temple of apollo and the temple of Athena
====Common Food:
lentil, cabbage, vegetable etc..Meatballs, vegetable dishes, puddings, different types of pilafs, kebabs, hunkar begendi (grilled egg plant with cheese), manti (Turkish version of ravioli served with garlic yogurt), su boregi, desserts; milk puddings - rice pudding, baklava, kadayi
====Geography:Moutains Beaches

What would attract people to visit this country?Beautiful beaches and hotels
Why would you want to visit this country?the lush forests

TO DO: Record your research on your personal group page. Create a slogan for your country and place it on your group page.
For example:Visit turkey if you like beutiful beaches and lush forests

Day Two: Picture HuntWhat type of photos would be good to place in your country's Ad?

TO DO: Find 3-5 photos of your country. Insert them onto your groups page.
Day Three: Script Writng
Turkey has beautiful beaches and foods like lentil,kebabs,hunkar,begendi,manti,su Borgia,baklara,and more some main attractions are the temple of Apollo and the temple of Athena at didyma,there are also lush forest and mountain beaches. Turkey's flag name is ayyildis. Turkey has more greek ruins than Greece. Come vist turkey if you like lush forest and beautiful beaches with dealiches food and temples of Athena and Apollo.

‍What are some key words to include in your AD about your coun

‍Ex: Tex/M

‍TO DO: Decide what order to place your photos in and create a script to go along with the pictures.

‍Insert your group's script onto your group's page.

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