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Day One: Research====Country Name: Israel
====Main Attractions: The Galillee, Diving in the Red Sea, The Western Wall Tunnel, Visiting the Dead Sea, Kayaking on the Jordan River, Taste Festivals
====Common Food: Pita bread– the “national bread” of Israel Falafel– deep fried chickpea balls, often served in pita bread Sahlab– a rich, creamy, sweet hot drink or pudding Mint Lemonade – called “lemonana”, sometimes served frozen and blended

====Geography: Makes it unique- It has the Dead Sea, which has so much seasalt that it makes you float when entering the water. Israel has many regions and regional landforms
What would attract people to visit this c ountry? This country has the Dead Sea, a sea containing a very dense body of saltwater, so you will float upon entering. Also, Israel has a vast variety of foods, from Medditerrainian to European. Many advwentures are just around the corner!
Why would you want to visit this country? Colin would want to visit this country to see the Gaza Strip. It represents historical events and is quite a sight to see. Bayle wants to go to the Galilee because it's beautiful and wonderful to see that the world still has true old fashioned nature.

Slogan: It may be small, but it has it all! SEE BOTTOM

ישראל:זהעשוי להיות קטן, אבל יש לוהכל!

‍‍Day Two: Picture Hunt

What type of photos would be good to place in your country's Ad?

TO DO: Find 3-5 photos of your country. Insert them onto your groups page.
1.Israel, a country just smaller than the state of New Jersey, is located in the Middle East and borders the Mediterranean Sea.
2.external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSYIw66Zd8QY4VmsX3eQ_xAZoYBSgDT7mfs7Zs466RQJIK2thAU
The state of Israel is bordered by Lebanon to the North, Syria to the Northeast, Jordan to the East, Egypt to the South and Southeast, and Palestine to the West and Northwest. Israel is located in Eastern Asia.
3external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRsVgeBj79evUwIEbZFwTssJkCCbjTaoaFNanuBGBWzWChdU7sGRgThis is a temple in Jerusalem.
4external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5r_hFCReX9h0HJTP9PDP7seeKgP3TdX2NUwFfHUMV7UENiV8-ow
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSuXDGWT1Dgi2TPDfi7TbAj7CRChEyPkOQ8oD2Gt63hgMti3ijk6w

‍‍Day Three: Script Writing

‍‍What are some key words to include in your AD about your country: Hope is the way to go. Peace. Love. Israel. It may be small, but it has it all!

‍‍Ex: Texas - Deep in the heart of Texas, Everything is bigger in Texas etc.

‍‍TO DO: Decide what order to place your photos in and create a script to go along with the pictures.

‍‍Insert your group's script onto your group's page.

Script Ideas: We show a picture of of the Israel flag..We explain where it is located and its size. (detail)
Show the picture of it on the map: Explain about

‍‍Day Four: Putting It All Together

TO DO: Use PhotoStory or Story Kit to begin creating your final project.
1st- Upload your photos. Create photo transitions.
2nd- Decide who will be speaking your script. You and your parnters may switch off.
Record your voices.

‍‍Day Five: Finishing Touches

TO DO: Add finishing touches to your project. Have another group look at your final project and give suggestions.
Finally, link your group's final project to your personal group page.

Questions to answer while editing another group's project:
1. What is the country's slogan?
2. Did it flow? Did it make sense?
3. Did it make you want to visit the country?

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