!!Afghanistan The Crossroads Of Culture!!

Main attractions
Some main attractions in Afghanistan is Kabul and The Garden of Babur. Kabul is the capital of our country. Kabul is a good place to visit because, its on the Kabul river and is one of the highest city's in the world. The Garden of Babur is a good place to visit because the Mongol emperor was buried there and its nice quite place to go.
Popular foods
Qabli pulao: It is the most popular food in Afghanistan. It has rice with chops of rainins and charrots.Often sirved with lam. People eat it with meat, vegetables orbeans

Qormas:Qormas are very popular among Afghan people. Onions are fried and meats, fruits, spices or vegetables are added to them
Kabab: Lamb kabab is a favorite of the Afghans. Afghan kabab is mostly served with naan, and rarely rice. Lamb chops, ribs, kofta (ground beef) and kababs are served in good Kabul restaurants
Afghanistan has a lot of mountains it is also very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Afghanistan is also very high and has monsoon season along the southern slopes of the Himalayas during summer. Afghanistan actually doesn't experience many droughts because it snows in the winter and then melts into rivers and lakes.

Reasons to come
You should come to Afghanistan because it has a lot of vegetation (more than you would think) and calm and quiet rivers and lakes. It also has some pretty good tourist attractions too. I would want to come to Afghanistan because of how high it is and how there are many beautiful mountains, rivers lakes, forests, etc. Also because of the Gardens of Babur.


Script: Afghanstan is a great place to go. You might think everybody hates it here because of the war but your abslotly wrong. Afghaistan has some great places to go like the Babur Gardens and the captal Kabul. Afghanstan also has some restronts with some great food too. Some more resons to come is because of Afghanstans amasing land scape. It has mountans, rivers, lakes, and forestes. Well that about wraps up our project. Stay safe my friends.