IRAQ Knowledge : The US was in iraq In a war for terrorism.

- The country is now going through rebuilDing
- Iraq has lots of oil

-drives on the right
-area-938317 km
-president of iraq-Jalal Talabani
-Iraq is located in the middleast of Asia

Capital : Baghdad

Pop : 30,399,572 beast

Currency : Iraq dinar

main attractions : star search
the ancient city of Babylon,the main Bazor

main food : tabbouleh iraq salad, Kurdish baked fish, Stew with rice

main geography : mountains, marshes, brod plains, flooded land, desert

slogan : Come to iraq where the food is so so good

What would attract people to visit Iraq?
the mountains and desertes are one of a kind

Why would you want to visit Iraq?
Because the mountains are beutifull (bailey)

Script : Come to iraq because its not the best in the west cause its in the east, The deserts are grand as they are also sand, The camals wander the desert and are used as living cars, The jails are old just as old as the wars, You should come to iraq do the star search and other fun activities.

In Iraq these dunes are a desation that are a favorite travel site.
Iraq southern desert
Camels are a from of tranportian in Iraq.
camals in iraq
old iraqi jail

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