Country Name:Jordan

Main Attractions: Jorden Sea and the Dead Sea where you can just relax. Casinos as well.

‍Common Food:mean they love mc donolds (mc donlods web site),or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=a7ded2b660771e56&biw=1366&bih=587

Geography:any body who come gatta come here just for fun

food: mc donolds meet they really love meet.vegtebols cookced the dont like un cooked foods. white rice,fish,soup,fryes,fruts,pancakes,cookies,beans,bread,shiscabobs,pies for desert yummmmm,patatouesw,onuins,limons,torteys,green beans,saleds,kechup,hambugers,ledis, y /um yumyum yum yum yum yummmmm. donut6s,spicey foods. THE EAT REALLY PEOPLE OMG THATS CRAZY LOLZ!!!!!!! popusas.

slogan:evrything they just say evrything when they say come hear.

What would attract people to visit this countrey
dead sea cacenoes and there food
Why would you want to visit this country?
it has good stuff and is interesting

Geography-area:89,342sqkm(3449s sq.mi.)

Cities:capital--Amman (pop.1.9million)
Irib(272,681), Az-Zarqa (472,830). (caseno weeb sit),or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=a7ded2b660771e56&biw=1366&bih=587

Population (2006,per IMF):5.63 millionjorden_brittany_cyrstal.jpgn , jorden people really love mcy des
cosenos arnt that populer to jorden people s
Religion(est.):Sunni Muslim 95,Christianity 4%, other 1%.brittany_jorden.jpg still make really good ones.

Language:Arabic (official), English.

Eduaction(2006, according to Jordan's department):

Health (2003):Infant mortality rate--19/1,000.

Life expectancy --71years.dead_sea.jpg(dead sea weeb sit)

dead sea you dont have to worry about any fishes messing with you while you just relacks tats why they call the Dead sea the Dead sea bucaues all the salt in the woter can kill the fishes so they dont put them in there.

Ethnic groups:Mostly Arab but small communities of Circassians,
Armenians, and Kurbs.

Jordan is a Southwest Asian country, bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, Saudi Arabia to the east and south and Israel and the West Bank to the west.

Jordan's exports have significantly increased under the free trade accord with the US, which allows Jordan to export goods duty free to the US. Jordan's main industries are clothing, phosphate mining, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals,a petroleum refining. Jordan has a $6.037 billion export market per a 2007 estimate.

Jordan does not have many natural resources; its land is arid and its does not have sufficient agricultural produce, which is why the country depends on foreign aid. For a long time, Jordan lay on a transit route for products destined for Iraq, from which it received subsidised petroleum in exchange. the gulf arin 1990-1991 had a serious effect on Jordan's economy, since Jordan was forced to import petroleum from Yemen and Syria at higher prices.
Architecture is the main form of art in the Arab world. Jordan has many distinctive mosques, ancient ruins from Roman and Pre-Roman times and elaborate mosaics. An example of classical Arabic writing is Al-Mu'allaqaat, which is a collection of Arab poetry. Bedouin artwork includes silver jewellery, colourful textiles and a wide range of knives.