South Korea

By: Carlton & Nataly

Slogan:South Korea have good food, and if you come you'll have fun too!!!!
Script:This is the South Korea Flag and its the cool place ever.This is the map of South Korea.Look at this cool building in South Korea.This a bridge in South Korea and its purple and cool yea.Lol Wow this is a giant buger and watch the kids eat up.

South Korea is a contry in east Asia. The capital is Seoul and it's official languge Korean. Population of South Korea is 48,755,000.South Korea consist in large part of Precambrian rocks granites andrea three principal rivers gneiss South Ko.South Korea makes up about 45 percent of the peninsula's land are .The highest peak in South Korea, the extinct volcano Mount Kolla an Cheja Island, is 6,398 ft. (1,950 metres above sea level).Korea rarely understand what "vegetarian" means and allthough there is a word (Chae Shik Joo We Ja)the usually don't believe you or don't think its possible.Seoul attraction include historic temple and place,as well natual and cultural highlights.The preferred seasons for sightseeing in Seoul are spring blue skies, but in winter the city is covered in snow & can be quiel beautiful.20893461909.jpgFood of South Korea.Places in South Korea.The South Korea Flag.korea.jpg