In Japan the population is 126,475,664 million people. In Japan people speak japanese and english. Some popular food found in Japan is sushi, fried rice, and chilled tofu. Chilled tofu is a meat substitution that many vegitarians eat. Some religens in Japan are Shintoism, Buddhism, and Christianity.some main attractions in Japan are the Tokyo museum,the Ueno zoo and the Monkey Park. These would attract people to Japan. We would like to visit Japan because of all of the attractions like the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo Tower is 333m high I would like to visit the Tokyo tower because I've never been to the Statue of Liberty so that would be an alright replacement.


Country Name Japan

Main Attractions : Tokyo tower, Monkey park, Ueno zoo, Tokyo meuseum

Common Food:Tofu Sushi, Marinated vegtables and fried rice.

lotus flower
external image sushi.gifGeography:Mt Fuji which is located in Fuji National Park and surround by 5 lakes.

What would attract people to visit this country?Tokyo Museum is a main atraction in Japan's capital Tokyo.Another a main attraction found in Japan would be the Monkey park.

Why would you want to visit this country? I would want visit this country because of all the great geography and landmarks that Japan has.

script: the lotus flower is found in japan
this is a town found in japan
the Buddha is a sign of warship in japan
this is picture if japan at night isnt it pretty
this is a picture of mt Fuji a major land form in japan and the flowers around it are called cherry blossoms
these are some major foods in japan yummy
this is the map of japan
this is the flag of japan

SLOGAN:Under the blazing sun we smile in delight as the panda and Dragon put up a fight.