Day One: Research====Country Name:Kyrgyzstan
====Main Attractions:some main attractions of kyrgizstan are lake issy kul,stay in a yurt
====Common Food:beshbarmak the most typical kyrgyz dish, ashlam-foo a spicy dish made with cold noodles,jelly,vinegar and egg
====Geography:they have mountains,vallys,forest,lakes,glaciers,rivers,and have nature reserves and national parks. Lots of earth quakes. They have natural vegitation.
What would attract people to visit this country? to explore different ways of life like living in s yurt
Why would you want to visit this country? to see all the different landfroms, sleep in a yurt and explore different ways of life

TO DO: Record your research on your personal group page. Create a slogan for your country and place it on your group page.
For example: Yall Visit Texas Now: Where everything truly is BIGGER.
the land of light,infinte nobility, and eternity is the place you should be, come visit kyrgyzstan

‍‍Day Two: Picture Hunt

What type of photos would be good to place in your country's Ad?

TO DO: Find 3-5 photos of your country. Insert them onto your groups page.

‍‍Day Three: Script Writing

‍‍What are some key words to include in your AD about your country. what the flag means, main foods, yurts

‍‍Ex: Texas - Deep in the heart of Texas, Everything is bigger in Texas etc.

‍‍TO DO: Decide what order to place your photos in and create a script to go along with the pictures.

‍‍Insert your group's script onto your group's page.

both: The land of light,infinte nobility, and eternity is the place you should be, come and visit kyrgyzstan
bethany: pic of flag, tell what the flag means, the sun mean
claire:pic of the yurt, this is a yurt and most kyrgyz live in yurt so they can move with there anima
claire:pic of snow leopards, explain about the cold winters and how one of the main animals there is the snow leopards
bethany: pic of food, explain about the main dish,beshbarmak what it has in it
claire: pic of the land, explain about all the cool landfroms that are there

both: thank you and we hope choose to stay at kyrgizstan the land of light, infinte nobility, and eternity!

‍‍Day Four: Putting It All Together

TO DO: Use PhotoStory or Story Kit to begin creating your final project.
1st- Upload your photos. Create photo transitions.
2nd- Decide who will be speaking your script. You and your parnters may switch off.
Record your voices.

‍‍Day Five: Finishing Touches

TO DO: Add finishing touches to your project. Have another group look at your final project and give suggestions.
Finally, link your group's final project to your personal group page.

Questions to answer while editing another group's project:
1. What is the country's slogan?
2. Did it flow? Did it make sense?
3. Did it make you want to visit the country?