Some attractions in Pakistan is music because the way they dance, art because the way they paint, and architecture because how nice their building
are perfect.

Some landforms in Pakiistan are bays, beaches, caves, glaciers,islands, mountains, and volcanoes.

People should come to this country because is so fun to go and travel.
They are forbidden to eat pork or consume alcohol. They concentrate on beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

The Capital of Pakistan is Islamabad
.The population of Pakistan is 177,276,594.

Team Pakitan To Give A Thurst To Team Effort !!!!!!


Country Name:

Main Attractions:

Common Food:


What would attract people to visit this country?
Why would you want to visit this country?


Picture Hunt

What type of photos would be good to place in your country's Ad?

Insert 3-5 photos below:

Script Writing

What are some key words to include in your AD about your country.

Insert your group's script below:

Finishing Touches

Questions to answer while editing another group's project:
1. What is the country's slogan?
2. Did it flow? Did it make sense?
3. Did it make you want to visit the country?